Ground breaking ceremony held for the Project Mysuru Water Positive by 2021

Mysuru, May 16:- The ground breaking ceremony for the Project Mysuru Water Positive by 2021 initiated by CII Mysuru and District Administration took place on Monday.

The project is aimed to bring industries from Mysuru together to drive rejuvenation and conservation of lakes in Urban Mysuru.  Ramakrishne Gowda, Joint Director, DIC, Mysuru and Ramesh Babu, Tahsildar, Mysuru performed “Guddali Pooja” of Thippayyanakere near ring road in Lalitadripura, Mysuru.

The 10 acres Thippayyanakere is being funded by Automotive Axles Ltd under its CSR initiatives. Accumulated silt for decades has resulted no water storage capacity in the tank in spite of Chamundi Hills providing excellent catchment area said Mr Ramakrishne Gowda.

Speaking after performing Gudali Pooja, Dr N Muthukumar, Past Chairman, CII Mysuru and President and Whole Time Director, Automotive Axles Ltd said, “ Lakes are important part of urban ecosystem perform significant environmental, social and economic functions like source of drinking water, recharging groundwater, acting as sponges to control flooding and supporting bio- diversity. The rejuvenation of lake will rid the sewage flow, desilt, erecting fences give a clear identity, remove encroachments any, endow the surrounding with ornamental plants, garden, sitting and walking area and will offer a visual treat for the highway travellers.

“The water table in the surrounding areas like Lalithadripura, Alanahalli and Nandanahalli has gone down by almost 300 feet and many of the borewells have failed in Alanahalli area. Once the Thippayanakere is rejuvenated, it will benefit large community and increase the ground water level,” he added.

“Its a great opportunity for us to partner with the Government efforts in making Mysuru the first Water Positive City in India. The project is being implemented by MYKAPS, a spin off organization of MYRADA will increase water storage from current level of 10 million litres to 30 million litres,” he said.

Arjun Ranga, Chairman, CII Mysuru who also spoke on the occasion said “With consecutive drought and depletion of ground water, there are complex water issue that the city is facing. A robust plan to address such issues on priority basis is the need of the hour. The most effective way to solve the existing problems is creating a healthier ecosystem to save lakes through rejuvenation, restoration, conservation & maintenance. Mysuru has more than 25 lakes, to begin with we have identified 15, which are well connected. Raja Kaluve and CII Mysuru will work very closely with District Administration towards protection, conservation and sustainable management of lakes in Mysuru”.

CII Mysuru will act as catalyst in channelizing the CSR contribution majorly in two areas – public convenience facility in tourist destinations and Lake Conservation. Few companies have shown active interest and efforts are underway in bringing many more under the same umbrella so that substantial benefits and robust brand image is created for Mysuru.

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