Gruhalakshmi Value Mart launched for women’s benefit

In a bid to empower women towards focusing on economical sustainability of women self help groups (SHG), the Department of Women and Child Welfare in association with Gruhalakshmi Value Mart launched a pilot project in Mysuru, wherein household products are sold at two to 30 percent concessional rate as well the department creating market for products manufactured by the women SHGs.

Revealing the new initiatives of department during a press conference on Tuesday, Minister for Women and Child Welfare Department, Umashree said that sales centre has been launched at Regional Sthri Shakthi Bhavan at Krishnadevaraya Circle in Vijayanagar. Depending on the response from public, this initiative will be extended across state, she added. 

Women who have enrolled with women SHGs have to get membership card with Gruhalakshmi Value Mart, to avail products at concessional price, and also any women SHGs and individuals may sell their products/commodities to through this market platform. The amount earned from their products will be debited to their respective bank accounts, the minister said.

Further she said that the initiative avoids interference of middlemen and generates reasonable profits for their manufacturing products such as handicrafts.

“Out of 6,602 women SHGs in district, 6,153 groups were active in commercial activities. The government is providing Rs 5,000 for every woman SHGs per annum. In addition, Rs 15,000 incentive is provided for groups which have been saving Rs 75,000 and Rs 20,000 for groups saving Rs 1 lakh.” 


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