GSSS celebrates National Science Day

National Science Day was celebrated at GSSS school recently. Dr Anu Appaiah K A, Principal Scientist in Micro-biology and Fermentation Technology at CFTRI inaugurated the event by lighting the lamp. He delivered a speech on the topic ‘Think Global – Act Local’.

He emphasised on managing waste and inspired students to take up waste Management as a profession and quoted some names that are successful in the field. He advised students to save water, electricity and environment. He insisted students to follow 3 R’s – Reduce, Reuse, And Recycle. Students participated in the event with great enthusiasm.

On the occasion, Students exhibited various models and charts based on science concepts.

Some of the exhibits such as Water Rocket, Wind Mill, Rain Water Harvesting, Extraction of DNA from Onion, Paper Chromatography, Experiment with Laser Light etc. attracted the visitors.

Vice-President of GSSS Srinivasa Gupta; Member of the Board B K Natraj; Director Academics and Administration Prof L N Shettigar; Principal A V Sudha; Headmistress Sumana Priyavratha and others were present.

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