Guest Iecture on personality development held at  Vijaya Vittala Composite PU College

A guest lecture on personality development for the benefit of second PU students was organised at Vijaya Vittala Composite PU College recently. On the occasion, personality development trainer Pradyumna, spoke about motivational needs and pragmatic learning activities which stand as a backbone behind success in academic examinations.

He further stressed on the necessity of building positive mental attitude to develop definiteness of purpose and achieve the goals and succeed. Strength is like a river that can cut through rocks not because of its power but because of its persistence, he said. While competence and positive attitude contribute to success, analytical thinking will help in overcoming fears of facing examinations and succeed in life, he underlined.

He also gave a power point presentation about putting various techniques to practice, comprehending and implementing willpower, such as keen listening processes like perception, interpretation, evaluation and action in order to overcome barriers like inattention, pre-judgment, close-mindedness and pseudo listening. Srihari of GSS Foundation, addressed the students and told that today’s generation must learn from examples of great achievers like Arunima Sinha who over came all her obstacles in life through sheer determination and perseverance. Principal of the college H Satyaprasad in his introductory speech advised the students to understand the difference between person and personality through inner ability.

By quoting the words of Swami Vivekananda, “Education is the manifestation of divine perfection in man”, he advised the students to develop motivation and goal setting attitude to reach greater heights by aiming at perfection. Mayuralakshmi, lecturer in English and other staff members were also present during the occasion.

Srihari of GSS Foundation, addressed the students at Vijaya Vittala Composite PU College.

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