Gujarat Congress slams Karnataka govt over entry rule

On the other side, the ruling BJP defended the decision of Karnataka

Prime News, Nation, (Ahmedabad), May 19:-The Congress on Monday slammed the Karnataka government’s decision to let in people from Gujarat in a staggered manner, alleging the BJP-led dispensation in the southern state is increasing the hardships of its own people settled in the western state.

In a counter, the ruling BJP in Gujarat asked the opposition party in the state not to politicise health-related decisions.

Following the recent spike in COVID-19 infections, the Karnataka government on Monday said people from states like Gujarat, Maharashtra, Kerala and Tamil Nadu will be allowed entry in a staggered (or phased) manner.

“We have decided not to allow people from Gujarat, Maharashtra, Kerala and Tamil Nadu till May 31, but (after that) in stages (staggered manner),” Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa told reporters in Bengaluru.

The Gujarat Congress termed the decision as “inhuman and unconstitutional”.

“The Karnataka government is known to be anti-labour and pro-rich. Earlier, it had stopped migrants from leaving the state under pressure from builder lobby.

“Now, when their own people want to return from Gujarat, the BJP government is stopping them. This decision is inhuman and unconstitutional” Gujarat Congress spokesperson Manish Doshi said.

Yogesh Mishra, a member of the Zonal Rail Users Consultative Committee, echoed similar views.

“Such a decision in these difficult times was uncalled for. There should not be any fear because people are tested before boarding train and tested upon their arrival too. They are also home quarantined for 14 days,” he said.

“If the Uttar Pradesh government can manage the huge influx of migrants from Gujarat, then why Karnataka can’t manage a small number of migrants going there from Gujarat?” asked Mishra.

On the other side, the ruling BJP defended the decision of Karnataka.

“The Congress should refrain from doing politics on health-related guidelines. Instead of targeting our government, they should first see what’s going on in Congress- ruled states.

“The opposition party must stop its attempt to create anarchy,” said Gujarat BJP spokesperson Bharat Pandya.

Balkrishna Shetty, a Karnataka native settled in Vapi town, defended the Yediyurappa government over the issue.

“This decision will not affect us because in comparison to Mumbai, very less number of Karnataka people live in Gujarat.

“Moreover, this decision was taken for safety of people. We all must follow rules in such times,” said Shetty.

-(NAV, Inputs: Agencies)

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