Gurupoornima observed at Vijaya Vitthala PU College

‘Guruvandana Programme’ was held at Vijaya Vitthala PU College in city on the occasion of Gurupoornima on Tuesday.H Satyaprasad, principal of the college, who presided, said that the relationship between teacher and student, in which the role of the teacher in shaping the future of the disciple is significant.

A guru is one who guides the followers in the right path, “There should always be a ‘guri’ or ‘fixed goal’ for every student and a ‘guru’ or a teacher behind him to facilitate, guide, and channelise his accomplishment as well as achieve excellence in life.Lord Krishna, the ‘Githacharya’ is the ‘Jagadguru’, who gave ‘Bhagavadgita’ to the work, was also a dedicated disciple to his own guru Sandeepani Maharshi. He also called upon the students to remember and recall all their teachers and pledge to follow them in their life.

Sanjaya, lecturer in Sanskrit, stressed on the importance of the day and said  that all religious and spiritual seers begin their “Chaturmasa Vratha” on this day which is also called as “Vyasa Poornima”. It is only through an able teacher who can be a philosopher and guide a disciple can obtain the real knowledge.

Sri Rama and Sri Krishna also attained knowledge through their Guru like Vishwamithra and Sandeepani Maharshi.Mayuralakshmi, lecturer in English, said that Maharshi Vyasa, who is the author of the great epic ‘Mahabharatha’ is considered as the guru or the preacher due to his contribution of the epic to the world.  India is also considered to be the ‘preacher’ through her spiritual and moral contributions to the world.

Great people across the globe like Confucious have appreciated the contribution of India to the world in the path of science and spirituality and India would soon emerge as “World power” with its knowledge and wisdom and attain the status of “Vishwaguru.”Disha S, a second PUC student, rendered a self-composed poem as a triobute to the teachers of the college.

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