Have hold over language to study Science: VC Prof E Sathyanarayana

Mysuru, January 30:- “Until one attains knowledge over a language, it is not possible to have hold over science subjects,” said Vice Chancellor of Dravidian University, Kuppam, Prof E Sathyanarayana.

He was speaking at a workshop on the usage of language in the multilingual region held at Regional Institute of Education (RIE) in the city on Monday.

“We can find people of different languages in one state. Around 10% of the population of Karnataka speaks Telugu. As there are children who speak different languages, the education system needs to be effective. It is important to have a good hold on mother tongue. Students should know at least 2-3 languages,” he added.

Former vice chancellor of Mahatma Gandhi International University Prof G Gopinath, retired lecturer in English N Manu Chakravarthy, Kannada actress Bhavana, RIE principal Prof Y Srikanth and others were present. (MR/SH).

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