HC for status quo on Kannada film body name

The High Court on Tuesday ordered status quo with regard to a petition filed by Kannada Film Chamber of Commerce (KFCC), challenging the cancellation of the permission given to them to change the name of their society.

KFCC was earlier known as Karnataka Dubbing Film Chamber of Commerce. They approached the district registrar for a name change by amending their by-law. The district registrar agreed to the amendment and granted them permission in January 2017 to change their society’s name to ‘Kannada Film Chamber of Commerce.’

KFCC chairperson Sa Ra Govindu objected to the name change contending that both the societies have similar sounding names, creating confusion. Following this, the district registrar cancelled the amendment and the subsequent change of name of the petitioner on April 7, 2017.

The petitioners approached the court challenging the cancellation of the amendment and the permission given for name change arguing that the district registrar does not have the authority to cancel the permission once it has been granted. Hearing the petitioner, Justice A S Bopanna ordered notice and ordered to maintain status quo.


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