HDK alleges of BJP – Congress pact in Varuna

Mysuru, April 26:-Chief Minister Siddaramaiah’s strategy to win with the help of money and caste-based politics will not work. Hit by the fear of losing at Chamundeshwari constituency, Siddaramaiah is contesting from Badami as well, alleged former chief minister H D Kumaraswamy here on Wednesday. He was responding to the allegations made by Siddaramaiah that BJP and JD(S) are two faces of the same coin.

“Siddaramaiah is playing the dirty caste card. He succeeded in making Yeddyurappa’s son not contest. It is clear that the BJP and Congress have made an internal agreement. Hopefully, this will help JD(S) in Varuna,” Kumaraswamy quipped.

“Siddaramaiah tried to curb leaders of his own community. The state government doesn’t have sand even to construct toilets, but hundreds of lorries of sand are sent to Kerala. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has done nothing for Karnataka. Both Siddaramaiah and Sreeramulu are not from Badami. JD(S) candidate, who is from Badami, will win the election,” he added. (MR/KS).

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