Herbalism workshop held

Uses of more than 20 different varieties of herbs were discussed at Dhatu’s ‘Medicinal Plants Workshop’ which was held on Saturday and Sunday at ‘Turiya’, Dhatu’s new wellness centre in Gokulam. A dozen home gardeners attended the event.

The workshop covered various aspects of growing herbs, from preparing the soil and potting, to how and which part of the the herbs are to be used.

Dr Vinay Raghavendra, a botanist with vast knowledge on medicinal plants and organic farming, conducted the workshop . He said: “About 2,000 years ago, Charaka Samhita listed the uses of all medicinal plants.  In the last few decades there has been a widespread neglect about herbs and natural lifestyle, and this has affected the quality of life. This is because there is lack of information on how to grow and use the plants.”

Dr Vinay taught the participants how to use herbs to make homemade remedies for people with diabetes, asthma and other common ailments.

Gururaj, a participant from Kuvempunagar, said: “The common man’s perspective is changing. People are beginning to understand various concepts of natural living. This workshop has helped in recognising and appreciating various herbs, which we hardly identify even if it is easily available in our backyard.”

The participants were given 10 exotic herbal saplings and a booklet listing various remedies.

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