Here’s how you can inspire your children to meditate

These days, children engage in a variety of things. Besides studies, kids are also into a number of other extracurricular activities and this leaves them with little or no time to relax and play.

In order to help children to cope with the mounting pressures of being in a competitive world, parents must inspire them to meditate.

Meditation has healing qualities both mentally and physically. If the habit of regular meditation is inculcated in children, then they evolve better and this helps them in the long run too.

Here’s how you can inspire your children to meditate:

Though it may seem difficult initially, you will have to convince them to sit quietly with their eyes closed for a while.

Children do what parents do. Hence, it is important for parents too, to meditate.

Tell them to focus on what they wish to achieve while they keep their eyes closed. This will encourage them to nurture the act of thinking and thereby increase their power to focus.

Talk to them about the benefits of meditation and how it can help them holistically. Once they comprehend the power of meditation, they will voluntarily start practising it regularly.

Remember, you must never compel your child to pursue your dreams for them. All you can do is to support them in achieving their own dreams and ambitions.


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