Hi-tech waste management in Mysuru

Mysureans have learnt to cooperate and make the best use of any and all kinds of infrastructure made available to them by Mysuru City Corporation with regard to city waste management since they feel and respect the need for keeping the city as the cleanest city of India.

But unfortunately, photo above essays the grim reality obtaining (though not in all wards) in Mysuru city.  What is not fathomable is, is MCC so poor as not to provide even the basic minimum infrastructure to its employees to enable them to discharge their duties in a responsible manner? Citizens feel that if proper implements and tools are provided to the pourakarmikas, they would certainly discharge their duties and responsibilities in a much better way.  As of now we find them struggling with whatever means, indigenous or otherwise, to keep the city clean at the cost of their health and well being.  In addition, the number of pourakarmikas are not commensurate with the population of the city.  Government has recognised the need for recruiting more pourakarmikas and also to do away with the contract system; it must hasten the process of recruitment and implement a clean solid waste management system with transparency and accountability.


  1. If the money allotted to provide basic infrastructure like pick axes, baskets, gum boots, rubber tyre carts, etc, is insufficient, MCC can request the Government to allocate a certain percentage of the annual collections from ‘Hundies’ and offerings from devotees of various famous temples and shrines in Mysuru city.
  2. According to recent amendment to the Companies Act, 1964, two percentage of profits made by the corporate sector are required to be spent for public purpose under Corporate Social Responsibility.  Corporate sector in Mysuru can come to the rescue of pourakarmikas by taking the responsibility of supplying implements and services, cited above, that are required to keep the city clean in which they are running business.


To pourakarmikas: The oft repeated complaint by MCC is that even though annually they do procure and supply certain facilities like gloves, boots, nose-covers etc, and provide implements like carts etc, the pourakarmikas have the tendency of not using them judiciously/regularly for protecting themselves from health hazards nor do they maintain the implements in good repair. This has to be taken note of by the pourakarmikas and they must hone their skills towards responsible discharge of their duties and responsibilities with the help of facilities provided by MCC.

There is wealth in waste and pourakarmikas must come forward to make use of the available re-usable and recyclable waste and establish mini/micro industry to manage their own economy and also to generate employment opportunity to their family members with start ups; there are number of Government schemes with financial back up from institutions for establishing such cottage industries.

To citizens: They must make it a point to segregate the wet and dry wastes and hand over the same to the pourakarmikas when they come to their door step and also completely stop throwing garbage in plastic carry bags at the street corners.  This obnoxious practice is creating visual pollution and also creating unhealthy atmosphere for all of us.

-By Vasanthkumar Mysoremath

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