Higher education system in India needs radical reforms: Prof K S Rangappa

“Higher education system in India is the third largest in the world after USA and China, with 20,000 post-graduation colleges and eight million students pursuing their studies. It needs radical reforms of transparency, proficiency, institutional advancement and application of information and communication technology,” said Prof K S Rangappa, former Vice Chancellor of University of Mysore at Vijnan Bhavan, UoM, here on Thursday.

After inaugurating one-day college principals workshop on “Process online affiliation,” organised by College Development Council, he said “Indian higher education system has long way to go and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is becoming a key curricula in our education. India is known for its application of ICT.”

“There is need to promote post-graduate studies at college level as it is the goal envisaged by both central and state governments. College Development Council plays an important role in realising the government plan.”

“In order to achieve a transparent higher education system, a collaborative effort is needed. Principals in colleges need to promote the online system,” he added.

Prof Yashawantha Dongre, In-charge Vice-chancellor, UoM; Prof R Rajanna, Registrar, UoM; Prof G Hemanth Kumar, ICT, co-director, UoM; Dr S Srikantaswamy, Director, CDC, UoM and principals from various institutions under UoM were present.


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