Highest selfie deaths recorded in India among all nations

Prime News, National, Mumbai, July 6: – In India the maximum number of selfie deaths recorded from March 2014 to September 2016, the report revealed.

The craze of taking a selfie in high-risk areas such as sea, river, tree, tall building claimed many young lives leaving a long-lasting agony for the family and friends.

The word ‘selfie’ was declared ‘Word Of The Year by Oxford Dictionary in 2013, by the time it became a phenomenon to a whole generation breaching demographics Post-Millennials.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Mumbai Paramjeet Dahiya zone IX said, the police have switch safety measures from precautionary to preventive, the police deploy bandobast at selfie points when the seas go rough. Request the people not to go near the sea to take selfie risking their lives.

Police cautioning people through social media tweets, police tweeted as “SafeMonsoon Tips” attaching slogans ‘don’t make taking a selfie mean taking your own life. In 2016 the tweet was ‘SafetyBeforeSelfie’ Selfies prohibited as no one wants you dead.

Of the 127 reported selfie deaths, 76 happened in India between the periods March 2014 to September 2016.

Clinical Psychologist Salma Prabhu said, ‘the craze of selfie indeed too much, not sparing even adults, who want to post instantly on social media to get likes, comments love, wows’ and advise parents to counsel their children the language they understand.

Selfie is great, except that get too excited and take undue risks which result in deaths. The number of likes is of no use if you are dead advice Psychologist.

-(NAV, Inputs; Agencies)


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