Himanchu Achha bags all gold in BBM

The topper is a Vidhyaashram student. Moreover, Vidhyaashram is the only college under University of Mysore to bag all gold medals for BBM in 2015
Himanshu R Achha a city lad bagged all the gold medals in BBM from the University of Mysore at its centenary year convocation held recently.

He has topped in all the subjects in Bachelor’s of Business Management and has emerged as the highest marks scorer in BBM.

A student of Vidhyaashram First Grade College, he shares his story on how he prepared and succeeded to bag two gold medals and cash prize from the University of Mysore.
Himanshu R Achha a native of Rajasthan was born and grew up in Mysuru. He is now pursuing his articleship and preparing for Chartered Accountant exams.
Q You have received two gold medals? Will you share how you prepared to accomplish this?
(Laughs) There’s no secret mantra for my success. Until I was in PUC, I was not studious. Instead I was keen on carrying forward my father’s business. However, once I was enrolled for my PUC, I began to take up studies seriously. And I began to excel in it. I did not study the whole time but I did study efficiently. I listened to the class lectures attentively which helped me to secure good marks.
Q Why did you choose BBM when the youth just like before mad after pursuing engineering and medicine?
As I told earlier, I wanted to take forward my father’s business. However, my parents wanted me to excel in studies and be a Chartered Accountant. Thus, I decided to pursue BBM.

Q Why did you decide to enroll at Vidhyaashram First Grade College? What is the role of the college in your success?
Few of my seniors and friends suggested me to join the college. The moment I stepped into the college, I felt it was a paradise for the students. Vidhyaa shram played a major role in my success. Right from my teachers to friends every one of them have motivated me to excel in studies. In the first semester when I scored highest marks, I got good guidance from my teachers. They helped me to tap my potential and helped me to strengthen it.

I would like to mention the contribution of K Rakesh Raje Urs, who is the Founder and Chairperson of Vidhyaashram, in my success. The schedule prepared by him which is a fine blend of both academics and extra-curricular activities helped me to strike a balance and thus top in academics.

Moreover, at the college the stress is on practical learning than mere top-down lecture sessions which inspired me to do well.
 Q. Did you design any rigorous schedule during exams?
No, I did study systematically. As I was interested in my subjects, I put my best efforts towards it. My interest lies in sports too and I have bagged prizes in sports as well. Also, I never let studies come in the way of me relaxing with my friends. My motto is “If you have interest, you can accomplish anything.”
Q.  How did you feel when you were awarded the gold medal?
More than me, it was a memorable moment for my parents. They always dreamt of me excelling in studies. The moment I was informed abput topping in the exams and that I would be awarded a gold medal, my parents’ joy knew no bounds.
“As he grew up, Himanshu started taking up studies seriously. I am very proud of his accomplishment.”- Rahul R Achha, Brother of Himanshu
‘We both are very happy on his achievement. We want him to excel in studies and realize his dream.” – Rakesh C Achha and Lalita, Parents of Himanshu

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