Hindustani Music Concert by Pt Omkar Havaldar

Raga Vaibhava, a sabha dedicated for the promotion of Indian classical music presented a Hindustani classical music concert by Pt Omkar Havaldar of Bengaluru, recently.

Omkar, born into a musical family was initiated into Hindustani classical singing by his father and guru Pt Dr Nagarajrao Havaldar at a tender age. Pt Omkar has a master degree in vocal music from Dr Gangubai Hangal Music University, Mysuru. Omkar took the advanced lessons in Hindustani music from Pt Madhav Gudi of Kirana Gharana, a celebrated disciple of Bharat Ratna Pt Bhimsen Joshi. At present, Omkar is pursuing Dhrupad and Dhamar forms of Hindustani music from Pt Indhudar Nirodiji of Mysuru. Omkar has performed on various prestigious stages in India and abroad and is blessed with a sonorous voice.

Omkar Havaldar commenced his evening concert with raga yaman kalyan, an evening melody belonging to kalyan thaat, a much popular variety of kalyan. Theraga employs shuddha madhyam in the chalan of rag yaman occasionally. The raga has its spread in mandra and madhya sapthakas. He presented an elaborated alaap and amadhyalaya jhap taal (10 beats) composition “Dai Piya Bina Kaise Karu Re” followed by a dhrut teental composition “Darushan Do Shankara Mahadeva”. The khayal rendition was very systematic. The concluding part of the first number was a tarana in dhruth teental composition. “Tana Derena Derena Dheem Tana Derena” with fast tempo energetic tans was acknowledged by the audience with applause.

The second number was raga gorakh kalyan, a soothing evening melody belonging to khamaj thaat. Omkar presented a vilambitek-taal (12 beats) composition “Dhana Dhana Bhaga Jage” followed by dhruth teental (16 beats) bandish “Baaje Murali Mana Baavara” composed by Pt Manikrao Raichurkar. Throughout the rendition, melody was intact and presentation of the raga was very impressive.

He then switched over to the light classical session. The first number was a bhajan “Karuniso Ranga Karuniso” based on raga mishra jogiya set to bhajan theka. The bhajan was much popularised by late Bharat Ratna Pt Bhimsen Joshi. The second number was Marathi ’Abhang’ a farmaishi by the audience, a composition “Maaze Mahera Pandhari” originally sung by late Bharat Ratna Pt Bhimsen Joshi.  The artist presented the original bandish of the bhajan along with the translated version in Kannada language which was appreciated by the audience.

Pt Omkar concluded his recital with a bhajan in raga bhairavi “Kayo Karunanidhe” set to bhajan theka again a very popular bhajan in Kannada by Pt Bhimsen. Kedarnath Havaldar, the younger brother of the main artist provided sath sangath on tabala and harmonium sath was provided by Sameer Havaldar. Malavika and Sunitha Hiremath provided tambura sath.

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