Historic bill

The Rajya Sabha passes historic Goods and Services Tax Bill (commonly known as GST Bill) paving the way for country’s biggest indirect tax reform is a welcome news. This indicates the realisation of political parties, the need to rationalise the indirect tax system. In the absence of a uniform tax system, citizens are taxed at will by the states under the garb of revenue collection for development purposes. On the contrary, the revenue so collected are being doled out to a particular segment of the society to strengthen the vote bank. This has resulted in haphazard development. The poor remained poor and the wealthy more wealthier, the cursed ‘Middle Class’ has to face the brunt from all sides. The Center should ensure that states are not deprived of their share of revenue and expect them to go with a begging bowl every time. It is incumbent on the part of state govts.to strictly enforce financial discipline and desist from wasting valuable resources for populist schemes which is not the sign of developing economy and in the long rum may not yield positive results.

MRG Murthy, Mysuru

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