Historic Mudukutore Fair begins in T Narasipura

Mysuru, February 7:- Historic Mudukutore Fair began at T Narasipura today and the fair will be held till February 23. Special religious activities will be held every day. Ankurarpana will be held today, Dhwajarohana tomorrow, Chandramandalarohana on February 14, Car festival on February 14, Theppothsava on February 17 and Parvata Parishe on February 22.

The Mudukutore Fair is organised for three weeks every year in the month of February. It is also known for the cattle fair that is being held. Thousands of cattle take part in the festival. Best cattle are given awards.

Car festival will be held on the day of Rohini Nakshatra of Magha Masa. Three chariots carrying the idols of Lord Ganapathy, Subramanya, and Bhramarambika, to be pulled by the devotees, are major attractions during the fair.

Dodda theppothsava will be held in river Cauvery after three days of the car festival. The idols of the gods are taken around in the river in boats. The procession of gods will be brought from Mavinahalli village. Thousands of devotees take part in the event every year.

Parvatha Parishe (Basavana Male) is being organised on the 8th day after car festival. Bulls are worshiped and made to run on Cauvery river bank. The winning bull will be sent to Srishaila for puja and returns after two months on the occasion of Ugadi festival.

CCTV cameras are set up across the fair. A police outstation is also opened at the fair. (MR/KS)

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