‘Hosa Manushya’, monthly magazine on socialism released

High Court Justice (retired) A J Sadashiva released the annual special issue of ‘Hosa Manushya’, a monthly magazine on socialism at Sriranga in the city on Sunday.

He emphasised the need to fall back on the philosophies followed by Mahatma Gandhi and Dr B R Ambedkar to the solutions for present day problems.

He said that Ambedkar symbolised the cultural good of Dalits and was a voice of the oppressed. His efforts to empower Dalits in the country have made him relevant even today. “Ambedkar is alive in the minds of people. The simplicity advocated by Mahatma Gandhi should not remain a mere principle but should be adopted as a way of life. We should not forget Gandhi’s effort to abolish caste system,” he said.

People may not agree that Gandhi and Ambedkar were similar through their deeds, but both were socialist in nature. Hence, there is a need to reconcile Mahatma Gandhi and Dr B R Ambedkar to offer solutions for present day problems, he said.

Speaking about the annual edition, State Resource Centre Director S Tukaram said: “‘Hosa Manushya’ introduces readers to the socialist ideas and writers. Articles and interviews on Gandhi by writers like Arundathi Roy and others are necessary for the young generation to understand the concept. In the present situation where freedom of speech and expression are curbed and violence has taken forefront, a socialist magazine like this will enlighten the society.”

Socialist Prof B N Sriram, editor D S Nagabhushan were present.

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