Hostel row: Minister sets 15-day deadline to submit probe report

Social Welfare Minister H An­janeya on Monday formed a two-member committee to inquire into the allegations made by the protesting Ma­harani’s hostel students and has set a 15-day deadline to submit the report.

Just a day after the in­mates of Maharanis Arts and Commerce Hostel students staged a protest, alleging mis­appropriation funds and poor quality food at the hostel, the minister, Anjaneya met the students at the hostel premis­es. After hearing to the owes of the students, the minister said that a two-member committee headed by Deputy Director of Social Welfare department will look into the problems at the hostel and submit a detailed report on the problems and allegations made by the in­mates of the hostel.

Speaking to reporters, he said that the official apathy at the hostel is a matter of shame. “The college manage­ment should give priority to the interests of the students. The management should also be accountable to the fees paid. Students, irrespective of their communities, are eli­gible to get admission to the hostel and it can’t be ques­tioned. Our government is committed to provide hostel facilities to all the needy stu­dents and there is no dearth of will and money from our side. We have also made fa­cility to rent buildings for hos­tels if necessary, the govern­ment will fund them.”

He added that the gov­ernment used to pay Rs 1200 per student for the hostel but it has been hiked to Rs 1400. The mess amount paid by the students can’t be utilised for any other reason. Wardens have to put up a list of food items for a week and serve according to the time table.

On two years of Modi Na­rendra government, he said that BJP has got a good mar­keting idea. The programmes initiated by Congress were given new names and market­ed well. Congress-free Karna­taka is a myth. The party is in existence for years and will continue to serve the people.

On his recent controversial statement that private educa­tion institutions are worse than prostitution hubs, he said that “I will raise voice against ex­ploitation and nobody can suppress my voice”.

On cabinet reshuffle, he said that it is at the mercy of the high command and Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has the confidence of high command and will continue to be CM for remaining year left.

Poor food quality

Students said that the poor quality of food has led to vari­ous health issues and many of them are identified with low BR During the minister’s visit, a student suffering from chest collapsed and was admitted to JSS hospital.

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