House burgled as family goes on a weeklong vacation

A weeklong trip to Kerala by a family proved a boon for house breakers as criminals made away with cash, gold and silver worth more than 20 lakh. The incident came to light in the wee hours of Monday when the family returned from the trip.

It is suspected that those who knew about the family trip com­mitted the crime.

According to the police, thieves broke into the house of Umesh, a lecturer in history at the Maharaja’s Junior College in the city. They lived in House Number 1918 in Kanakadasanagar F Block.

The area (Kanakadasanagar) that comes in the surroundings of Ramakrishnanagar and Dattagalli is dotted with posh houses and localities. Most of the government employees, retired officers have made the area their home.

Umesh’s wife too is a lecturer in the Maharaja’s Junior College and the couple had two daughters. As schools were closed for summer holidays, the family had been to Kerala for a vacation and they had left the city on May 2.

The family arrived in the city at around 4:30 am and came to their house. As they opened the main door, they realised that something was amiss. Soon, they found the back door open and were shocked to see their belongings scattered inside the bed­rooms. They immediately alerted the Kuvempunagar police who rushed to the house.

Thieves gained entry into the house through the back door as they had opened the grilled door. Once they entered the house, they broke open the shelves to steal 750 grams of gold jewellery, Rs 1.5 lakh in cash and 3.5 kilograms of silver. As per the present market rate, the value of gold and silver is over Rs 20 lakh. The actual value of the theft has to be ascertained after a detailed probe.

According to the family, they had deputed a watchman to guard the house and he generally used to sit near the entrance. Thieves managed to rob the house without even the watchman coming to know about it. Even the neighbours did not hear any sound.

Police said that the thieves cleverly left all the artificial and imi­tation jewellery on the beds and inside the shelves. Dog squad and finger print experts have visited the house and the dogs caught the scent till the main road.

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