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How to brighten up your home for Eid?

Your home is a backdrop where you greet and host friends and families during festivals such as the forthcoming Eid. Spruce it up and beautify it with flowers and fragrance, says an expert.
Here we suggest you gift your home with the Eidi of a fresh vibrant coat of paint and some other easy makeover tips to add some extra zing to your festivities:

* Adorn your home with flowers: Add fragrance to your living and dining areas for Eid celebrations with flowers. Fill your vases with colourful flowers and put them on display to complement your wall colours and themes.

For homes sporting a raw, unfinished look, set up vases with dried fronds and bamboo shoots. If your home decor is spring-inspired, pair brightly coloured walls with white flowers and vice versa. Consider adding a few arrangements near the entrance of your home to greet guests in welcome. A slightly non-traditional but green gifting idea could also be to give guests window flower boxes as takeaways.

* Create an accent wall: There is so much that a simple splash of high definition paint on your walls can do to your home.

Paint your home to welcome the festive season. If you feel like time is running out to paint your home before Eid, consider doing up just one feature wall in each room. Prioritise the living and dining rooms where you will be having guests over for the grand Iftaar party.

Choose paints with a high definition finish to amplify the festive feel of your room. HD Paints have high washability so you can rest assured that all splashes and stains will come off easily and the walls look as good as new well after your celebrations have ended. Textured walls are the new favourites. They not only add more character to the room, but also serve as talking points among friends and family.

* Lanterns, light and candles: Eid decor feels incomplete without creative lighting. Add a few small spot lights to your main area to put emphasis on your home’s focal points. Do ensure that the lighting you select complements your wall colours.

Too many bright white lights in a room with pastel coloured walls will make the lighting appear harsh. Instead opt for warm, yellow mood lighting that will help to exude a welcoming aura. Create corners with soft white lights and cushions for guests. Antique styled lanterns are particularly popular currently.

On table-top, these lamps serve as great centrepieces. Consider placing them on the floor if you prefer larger lanterns to add character to your room decor. Stringing rice lights along windowsills, room corners and door frames helps enhance the dreamy feel and create some great ‘selfie’ spots as well.

* Memory Wall: There are a lot of things that can be used to decorate the walls of a home in a tasteful manner.

Walls with family pictures and frames tell a story and can create focal points for any room. A collage of family pictures will set everyone reminiscing, creating a sociable atmosphere and give guests plenty to talk about. Consider collecting family pictures, or simply pick your favourites from Facebook or Instagram. Beautiful Islamic verses from the Quran may also be framed and displayed as wall hangings or may be painted on the wall directly.

* Crockery: No Eid is complete without a sumptuous spread of food. What better way to greet family and friends than with delicate crockery?

Share your exquisite crockery with those you love the most this Eid. Present the food in stylish platters to leave a lasting impression on your guests. Complement your dining sets and place holders with wall colours and offset these with distinctly styled decanters and dessert stands.

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