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How to buy running shoes

With the fitness trend in India fast catching on, people have become aware of the necessities for a perfect workout. Owning the right running shoe is essential to strike out any major chance of injury.

Here we give you the following tips for buying running shoes:

* Make sure to pick running shoes and not just any other shoes. Each pair of shoes is designed for the purpose they are meant for. Fox example, basketball shoes will do you no good while trail running.

* Always go for good quality running shoes, as they will never let you down. A substandard product will be much less durable and will increase the chances of a potential injury. Always go for shoes which are sturdy and can endure more wear and tear.

* Opt for a pair of good quality shoes which fit, but make sure that there should be a little room for your feet. There should be a thumb’s width at the end of your longest toe and the front of the shoe when you wear it, but never buy a shoe bigger than your size, as your heel could slip off.

* Choose shoes with a breathable upper section, which helps your feet to perspire less. This makes sure that chances of foot odour are minimised.

* Take your old shoes along, so that the store’s staff could suggest to you the best shoes according to your wear pattern. The wear pattern of an old running shoe tells a lot about the way your feet fall and if you have an over-pronation (excessive inward roll of the foot after landing) or a supination (outward roll of the foot during normal motion) problem.

* Should you opt for cushioned shoes for better comfort or minimal shoes for enhanced stability? That depends on your foot arch. If you have a high foot arch, the fall impact will be much greater and hence you require a pair of cushioned shoes. For those with lower arch or over-pronation issues, stability shoes are suggested.

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