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How to fix bad hair days

Play it up, add curls or try dry shampoo to get rid of bad hair days.

We share how:

* At times, if you haven’t washed your hair properly or are not in the mood to get a hair wash done, a dry shampoo can be a saviour. Spray it lightly on the roots. Leave it for a few minutes and then brush your hair. The dry shampoo absorbs the oil and gives you your desired look. If you do not use a dry shampoo, then try out cornstarch or baby powder. They, too, can work wonders on unruly hair.

* You woke up from your deep slumber and realised that your hair has become frizzy. Fret not. The mess can be treated by just tying it up. A ponytail has many variations, try any one of those low or high ponytail styles or go for a chic fish-braid. But ensure that you haven’t tied your ponytail too tight as it can cause hair loss.

* Adding more curls can give volume to your hair. Try adding curls naturally by making loose braids on your hair and then leaving it open after a few minutes. If you have a curling iron at home, here’s what you can do to get bouncy tresses. Tie your hair up in a high pony tail. Split it into four sections and then curl each section separately. Open the ponytail and prepare to be wowed by what you see in the mirror.

* Try out wacky or vibrant accessories such as velvety headbands, a cute bow or funky hair clips, which will take the limelight away from your hair that may not be looking so great on a given day.

* You may be in a hurry and do not have the leisure to use a gel and a styling tool. A simple way is to cover it all up. A colourful head scarf, a bold turban headband or a bright scarf draped over your head can come to your rescue on such situations.

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