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How to save your suede shoes from damage

Protect your suede shoes from weather changes by using the right products, keeping them away from water.

Here we have shared a few tips:

* Shoe protection mask: Always remember to brush your shoes before you use the spray. This not only removes the dirt, but also leads the absorption of spray liquid on shoe surface.

* Liquid spill: Liquid spill on your shoe can be prevented. Leave your shoes to dry and once they are free from moisture, just brush them with suede shoe brush to remove the dry powder.

* Dried stains: Take a clean cloth and dip some of its area into white vinegar and then clean that stain. White vinegar is the best and cheap substitute for shoe cleaning.

* Bad in shape: If your suede shoes have lost their actual shape, then put the affected area in front of the steam. Steam helps them to regain their shape.

* Stay away from water: Never ever clean your suede shoes with water. Water is the biggest spoiler of both colour and texture in suede shoes.

* Professional shoe cleaner: If nothing works and you have no hope left, then visit a local shoe cleaner as they know the best hacks to clean your shoes.

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