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How to take care of beard in monsoon?

One of the most common problems a man faces when he likes to keep a full beard is itching and acne. And monsoon season worsens these problems. Regularly trim your beard, use oil and keep it clean.
Here we share a few tips to take proper care of your beard:

* Regular trimming: Even when you plan to grow out your beard, it is necessary to use a trimmer to keep maintaining its shape and growth. Know what will suit your face shape and what look you desire. Trim your beard accordingly.

* Keep it clean: It is important to keep your beard clean as facial hair gets dirty too. Wash it thoroughly and regularly. If you’ve a long beard, it is preferable to use a beard wash. A face wash works well for a stubble or trimmed beard. Use a leave on conditioner or a beard softener to maintain its cleanliness.

* Use beard oil: Beard oil helps in maintaining the moisture of the skin beneath the beard. Just dab a few drops of oil onto your finger tips and work it thoroughly on your beard and the skin underneath. Beard oil also works in maintaining the shine of your beard, making it look healthy and full.

* Use non-comedogenic moisturiser: Comedogenic means the moisturiser contains ingredients that can clog your glands and may lead to whiteheads, blackheads and pimples. So make sure your face moisturiser is labeled non-comedogenic.

* Eat right: A beard is just another form of hair growth, and nothing works well for hair other than proteins. So consume a lot of proteins by eating green vegetables like peas, broccoli and spinach. Consumption of good proteins helps in better and healthy growth of the beard.

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