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How we defeated Covid-19

By Pradyu M

As our house is located in the heart of the city of Kannur, in a populated ward and that too on a  busy main road having a lot of business establishments the fear of getting infected was there right from the beginning this deadly virus set foot in our region. As I was the only one going out for work, I took care of my old parents and that they will not be attacked by the virus through me.  But in spite of all our precautions,  my octogenarian father started showing symptoms during the first week of May.

He had a cough, fever, and cold. The second day, he fainted and then an inexplicable fear started creeping in. The very next day my old mother who is in her mid-seventies had a high fever and tiredness and following her, I began experiencing severe chills, body pain, and temperature. My old aunt too started showing similar symptoms. Then it was panic at home and we phoned up the nearest hospital whose Covid team immediately came to check. All four of us were found positive. A sort of creepy sensation gripped me upon realising that the villainous virus is in our body and  I couldn’t even imagine a trip with it   –  a  nightmarish,  horrendous, ghastly, and agonising trip with the most dreadful, ruthless, merciless, unsparing, cold-blooded virus which can be up to anything!.

Thanks to the medical team which gave us all the necessary tips, medicines, care and treatment and advice too. The most amazing factor is that another aunt of mine staying in the same house was negative and she was the one who prepared food and everything for us who isolated ourselves in our rooms.

A pious and positive-minded lady, a staunch devotee of Saibaba and a yoga practitioner, my aunt stuck to her daily routine without tension and even gave me mantras like the  Dhanwantri and Mrityunjaya which I found very useful.  She remained uninfected by the virus. Though early few days I couldn’t sleep due to overthinking later I calmed myself and on the advice given by my friends and relatives diverted my mind from covid and got busy with my hobbies of cartooning, writing articles, reading and listening to music. I switched off the  TV  as news gave only tension and anguish.

One thing I could realise was the agony, the pain, the angst the world and the whole of mankind are going through.  I was also a bit amazed at some who say it’s just like a  cold and the flu.   Most of the Covid patients that include us also experienced splitting headache, chills,  temperature going up and down and along with this anxiety and fear as you are with a cold-blooded stranger (and he can be up to anything !) and at the same time we feel that the symptoms lessen when we tackle with it in a positive and optimistic manner.

Definitely, the mind plays a very vital role in dealing with this virus and during the recovery phase.  Those in isolation definitely need the support of their dear ones mentally and the more we are instilled with care, confidence and encouragement we feel very energetic and the mind gets ready to overcome this unnerving phase.

After days of quarantine treatment,   we turned negative and the medical team advised us to have some more days of rest and relaxation. My old parents and aunt too recovered and are hale and happy.  Thus we overcame the crisis.

A  piece of advice to my reader friends. Never challenge this virus and unfortunately, if it creeps don’t lose courage, be positive,   stay calm, heed your doctors’ advice and take regular medication,  take good food and consume fruit juices (pomegranate is really nutritious and it helps to de-stress), make yourself busy with some light activity, never overthink,  love yourself and love the world.   Yes, better to be safe as this isn’t just as cool as some think. Even if it is three or four masks the authorities tell us to wear, let us wear them, follow norms,  avoid crowds,  Let us get vaccinated, Let’s safeguard our elders and  Let us help the government help eliminate this most dreaded virus.

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