Howdah row: Nanjaraje Urs withdraws PIL

Nanjaraje Urs, who had filed Public Interest Litigation (PIL) regarding the custody of golden howdah, which is presently under the Mysuru royal family, has withdrawn the case.

The retired professor P V Nanjaraje Urs, along with filing PIL, who had appealed to the government to take the golden howdah to its custody, had also filed a petition in the court to cancel the honorarium given to the royal family during Dasara festival.

In his petition, Nanjaraje Urs has argued that there is no value for the king’s rule in the democratic system and thus the golden howdah must be taken over by the government as it is now a public property.

The petition was heard by the Supreme Court’s Chief Justice, Murthy Takur, justices A M Khanvilkar, and D Y Chandrachud.

The court, which heard the petition on Friday, said that the custody of the howdah is between the government and the royal family and is not at all a matter of concern for the third party. Even about the honorarium, it is for the two parties to decide and not related to public concern.

The petitioner’s lawyer, who heard the court’s opinion, expressed his desire to take back the case and accordingly the court dissolved the case. 

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