Huge corruption in Rafael deal: Siddaramaiah

Mysuru, August 27:- “There has been a corruption of Rs 40,000 crore in the purchase of Rafael fighter flights,” alleged former CM Siddaramaiah. He was addressing the press in the city on Sunday.

“The Rafael deal made during the UPA government has been altered. One fighter flight then cost Rs 526 crore. Now it is Rs 1,670 crore. There has not been any corruption of this magnitude in the defence department before. The central government has given permission to Anil Ambani’s company which has no experience in buying spare parts. This corruption of Modi government should be made known to the public. Congress has come forward to explain the corruption to the public. Congress will fight against this on streets in the coming days. It is the biggest scam in defence department. Media has to give better publicity to this,” he said.

“We are contesting the corporation election on our own. BJP is against reservation. BJP is against social justice. BJP will slip to the third position after the election. BJP and JD(S) will not come to power on their own. If there has been any development in the city it was during our governance. I brought in funds to the tune of Rs 2,532 crore for Mysuru. BJP’s contribution towards Mysuru is zero. People of Mysuru have to vote for the Congress. We will win at least 40 seats among the 65 wards. We will come to power in all the municipalities of the state,” he said.

Congress leaders were present at the press meet. (MR/KS).

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