Huge demand for Karnataka flags, badges and shawls

Mysuru, November 25:- Make hay when the sun shines. There has been a huge demand for the Karnataka flags, badges and shawls at the three-day 83rd Akhila Bharatha Kannada Sahitya Sammelana which began on Friday. The make-shift shops set for the convention, it seems, are struggling to meet the demand. But they are not complaining.

That the cultural capital of the state is decked up with state flags has given it a bridal look. Staying in tune, participants too looked eager to flaunt the red and yellow flags to uphold the spirit of Kannada and Karnataka during the convention.

On the first day of the convention, according to a rough estimate, close to 20,000 shawls and 5,000 badges were sold across the city. Such is the demand.

Manjunath, a seller from Mandya, who is selling shawls near the main stage, said, “We are happy that more and more people are making a beeline to purchase shawls and badges. On Friday, more than 1000 shawls which I had bought for sale were sold within hours. We are not just concentrating on making more money, but are offering shawls and badges with a less profit margin. We want our people to buy and express their spirit towards the Kannada language.”

Hemanth, a resident of Vijaynagar in the city, who purchased a shawl for his child, said, “I think we have been witnessing a festival kind of atmosphere in the city. Just like how we buy new clothes during festival and celebrate, people are buying shawls and are celebrating Kannada Sahitya Sammelana with great enthusiasm.”

Demand for shawls and flags is fine but many shops are trying to take advantage of the situation with an eye on making a fast buck by charging extra. A few sellers near the Mysuru Palace were demanding Rs 80-100 for a shawl which was sold for Rs 50 near the venue.

-(Karthik K K) 

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