Human rights is of utmost importance to individuals: PGM Patil

“Human rights are natural rights and it’s of utmost importance for every individual to protect human rights,” said President of District Legal Service Authority P G M Patil.

He was speaking at the ‘Human Rights Day’ organised by the Mysuru Legal Service Authority in association with District administration and Zilla Panchayat in the city on Saturday.

Patil said “Human rights came into existence as a result of civilisation. After the first and Second World Wars, the United Nations Organisation (UNO) adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights guaranteeing every individual their human rights. Human rights are natural rights and are unchallengeable rights. Today most of the people living in the society lack basic facilities.”

“Today most of the people in the society lack awareness on human rights, there is a need to create awareness and make them understand that life, liberty, equality and dignity are the fundamental principles of human rights,” he added.

Assistant Commissioenr C Anand, President of Mysuru Bar Association G V Ramamurthy, secretary K B Suresh, DCP (Crime and Traffic) Rudramuni and others were present.

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