Human rights key to growth: Expert

Prof David Ambrose of Madras University delineated the inception of human rights and noted how pivotal it was for human growth.

Human rights had a very painful birth and its origin had to face great struggle,” said Head and Professor of Law, Department of Legal Studies, Madras University Prof David Ambrose on Tuesday.

Delivering the keynote address at the two-day national seminar on ‘Human Rights of Vulnerable Sections of the Society,’ organised by Department of Studies in Law, University of Mysore Prof David Ambrose emphasised on human rights and the marginalised.

He said, “Human rights is referred to as the rights recognised by the society or law and considered to be fundamental rights for human beings. Human rights are guaranteed against state action which even the government cannot tamper with. When we trace the origin of human rights it can be noted that it has gone through great struggle and had to face a lot of challenges. One of its first hurdles was transformation of natural rights to legal rights. Also, noteworthy was the struggles of theoretical differences.”

The two-day seminar aims to take a critical look at the administration’s preparedness and judicial approach while handling violation of human rights.

“The present generation is marked for its technological development and known for its processes of liberalisation, privatisation and globalisation. In a way, technological development and advancement in medical field dealt a severe blow to the development of human rights. With the advancement in technology, sex determination became rampant endangering the balance of sex ratio,” he added.

Delivering the inaugural address City Police commissioner B Dayananda said, “Human rights of the oppressed and the marginalised remains violated to this day. Thus there is a need to protect the rights of the downtrodden and ensure their empowerment. Moreover, vulnerable sections of our society comprise children, dalits, adivasis, women, differently-abled and the LGBT. The scope of who comprise vulnerable section is wide. Thus of paramount importance now is to give attention to their rights and protect their social, cultural and academic rights.”

Chairman of Department of Studies in Law Dr Maruthi T R, Dr M Suresh Benjamin, Dr Ramesh and others were present.

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