Human values are collapsing in society: Justice Dr N Santhosh Hegde

Politicians should not use students for their gains, says Justice Hegde

Mysuru, December 21:- “The human values and the satisfaction among us is fast disappearing in our society. It is leading the society towards its fall,” lamented retired Karnataka Lokayukta Justice Dr N Santhosh Hegde.

He was delivering a special address at a ‘seminar and interaction programme’ held at JSS Residential School at Suttur here on Friday.

“An amount of Rs 51,000 was siphoned off in the Jeep scam that occurred in 1950, but the recent ‘Coalgate’ scam was over Rs 1.76 lakh crore. Probably the corruption is growing beyond the amount allocated for development of the country,” he said.

“We can recall the statement of a former prime minister who had said that out of one rupee, only 15 paisa reaches the public for development due to corruption. No development can be attained due to greed. Corruption is everywhere in legislature and executive. Due to delay in serving justice, people are having doubts over our judicial system as well. If the 4th pillar of democracy, media too sells itself for money, who will develop this nation? Students should inculcate the values of humanism and satisfaction,” he said.

He also held an interaction session with the students and answered their questions.

Responding to a question on why there is no retirement age limit for politicians, he said no democratic country fixes retirement age for politicians hoping their experience would help the country to prosper.

Politicians should not use students for their gains, Justice Hegde said and called upon everyone not to take law into their hand. He said “no citizen should take law to their hands and should have faith in judiciary.”

“As every one questions others, we should start questioning ourselves. Then only we can see development in the society. Introspection is a very important aspect. Instead of saying the time and society has gone bad, we have to think where things are going wrong. If we better ourselves, then the society will obviously become better,” said Shivarathri Deshikendra Swamiji of Suttur Mutt.

“Corruption is widespread in government sector. Many people aspire to get into government jobs even if it is small job. Many people get themselves recommendation letters for government jobs. Students should understand that education is not just for government jobs,” said the Vice Chancellor of University of Mysore Prof G Hemanth Kumar.

Administrative officer SP Uday Shankar, head of JSS Agriculture Science Centre Dr Arun Balamatti, GL Tripuranthaka, Veerabhadraiah, Dr MC Nataraj, KV Rao, Shivamallu and others were present. (SH, NGB)

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