Hunger Eradication Centre opened at JP Nagar in Mysuru

Mysuru, October 8:- Lions Club of Mysuru and Mayuri organisation jointly launched a Hunger Eradication Centre on Akkamahadevi Road at J P Nagar in the city.

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader and District Cooperative Union president H V Rajeev inaugurated the centre recently.

“I am happy that this centre is launched in the city. This is launched to eradicate hunger. Lions Club has considered hunger eradication as one of its major goals. Those who are in need of food have to make use of this,” he said.

“We will store the excess food from houses, hotels and wedding halls which are of good quality. Around 30 food packets will be prepared everyday and distributed to the hungry. This centre will be open for 24 hours. Those who wish to contribute have to provide good quality food. Extra food can be brought here in a container. Those who need food can come here and get food for free,” said founder of the centre, Lion S Moorthi.

“Along with food, the centre also provides soaps, toothpaste, umbrella, jerkin, clothes and water bottles. Every month, on second Saturday, free blood pressure and sugar check-up will be held from 8 am to 9 am,” he added.

V Renu Kumar, L I Srinivas, K N Devaprasad, N Jayaram and others were present. (MR/MN).

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