Hurdles forced us to shift Vishnu memorial to Mysuru: Bharati

“The memorial which was planned to be constructed at the Abhiman studio in the memory of Vishnuvardhan did not materialise even after seven years. We wanted it to be constructed in Bengaluru. We tried a lot to solve the issue with lot of patience. Faced with lot of hurdles one after the other, we decided to construct the memorial in Mysuru,” said Bharati, wife of late actor.

“The memorial is not planned with any intention of getting financial or any form of personal gains. There is no such need for us. Vishnuvardhan wanted to work that can benefit the public, and it is our wish too. The memorial will be constructed by ‘Dr Vishnuvardhana Prathishthana trust’ formed by the government and headed by the Chief Minister, Siddaramaiah. I will just be a trustee in the committee. If the memorial or the institution that will be constructed generates any sort of income, it will go to the government,” she said.

“We have waited for seven years patiently. But the later developments have saddened us. We did not get any solution and we decided to construct the memorial in Mysuru and I request every one not to mistake us,” clarified Bharati.

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