Hyderabad Star Hotels to Ban Nayanthara

Alongside fame and stardom, top actress Nayanthara has sizeable bad reputation as a high tempered actress.

It is heard that Nayanthara has very short temper and whenever she gets angry, she immediately shows it on the person who is in front of her. She also throws away the things in front of her and creates big nuisance. This wouldn’t matter if she does these kinds of things at her home but Nayan cares for no one and has destroyed the furniture of her allotted room in several star hotels in Hyderabad.

Although Nayan is gracious enough to pay for the damages the next day, it still is a tedious task for the management to replace the furniture. Hence, the managements of all the star hotels in Hyderabad are heard to have decided not to allow Nayan in any of the hotels in the future.

Obviously, Nayan won’t care but the producers have to arrange her accommodation somehow.

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