I didn’t know Kiki Challenge was banned when I did it: Niveditha

Prime News, National (New Delhi/Bengaluru), August 3:- Kannada actress Niveditha Gowda apologised for the Kiki Challenge video, which has been trending for almost a month. The 18-year-old actress participated in the viral challenge days after the Bengaluru Police banned it in the state, for which she was criticised by the Internet.

Niveditha, best known for her participation in Bigg Boss Kannada, told meida that she was unaware of the ban on the Kiki challenge, which is also known as the ‘In My Feelings Challenge,’ and she deleted the video after learnt about its dangerous consequences.

“I just saw the post on Instagram and tried it out. As soon as I got to know about the ban on Kiki Challenge, I took it down from my Instagram account, so that people stop accepting the Kiki Challenge. I am not the one who advises people to take up the challenge and kill themselves,” reports quoted her as saying. Niveditha participated in the fifth season of Bigg Boss Kannada which aired from 2017 to 2018.

Meanwhile, as per reports, a Kannada activist lodged a complaint against Niveditha Gowda in Bengaluru for taking up the challenge. The Bengaluru Police haven’t taken any action against Niveditha as of now, the report added.

The Bengaluru Police had reportedly banned the challenge in the state last week however their official warning went up on their Twitter page on Wednesday. “Kiki Challenge may get you a KICK OF LAW not KICK OF DANCE (sic),” the Bengaluru police wrote. (MR, Inputs: Agencies).

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