I will retire from politics if NaMo becomes PM again: H D Revanna

Mysuru, April 11:- Congress and Janata Dal (Secular) leaders seem to be united in Mysuru ahead of the Lok Sabha polls.

Leaders of JD(S) and Congress held a joint press meet at a private hotel in the city on Thursday. Ministers HD Revanna, GT Devegowda, JD(S) state president AH Vishwanath, MLC Marithibbegowda, former Chamaraja Constituency MLA Vasu, Congress city president R Murthy, district president Vijay Kumar, JD(S) district president Narasimha Murthy were present.

“I am here to seek votes for our coalition candidates. I request the public to vote for C H Vijayashankar (Mysuru-Kodagu Constituency) and R Dhruvanarayan (Chamarajanagar). Siddaramaiah and H D Deve Gowda will campaign together in the coming days. Our candidates will win in Mandya, Hassan, Mysuru and Chamarajanagar. Coalition leaders will work for their victory. BJP leaders were singing bhajans of Rama in the last 10 years. Now,  they have started singing bhajans of Deve Gowda every morning. Everyone knows what happened to Ram Mandir in the last five years. B S Yeddyurappa, Jagadish Shettar, DV Sadananda Gowda are all singing bhajans of Deve Gowda now,” chided PWD Minister H D Revanna.

“Twenty-two is our lucky number and we will win 22 seats. It won’t be lucky for Yeddyurappa. Number 18 is also lucky for us. Kumaraswamy became chief minister in 2018. The election is also on April 18. UPA will come back to power. Narendra Modi won’t become prime minister again and if it happens, I will retire from politics,” he added.

While questioned about him carrying lemons with him always he said, “Our family God is Shiva. I always carry his photo and lemons. I carried 5-6 lemons given by someone else during a convention,” he said.

He laughed when media persons said lemon has become famous after his act. He said he doesn’t mind giving lemons to Yeddyurappa, R Ashoka. When asked about K S Eshwarappa, he told reporters not to remind him of Eshwarappa. Revanna said that Eshwarappa tried to join JD(S) in 2018.

Responding to Chief Minister’s statement that he won’t be responsible if media persons are attacked, Revanna said Kumaraswamy had warned media persons as there is a threat of attack by the BJP workers.

“I don’t have to answer to Finance Minister Arun Jaitley’s questions. I will speak about my works in the PWD  when the time comes. If any government works are done in my department, I give a 5% discount. How could I have saved that money for the government if I were to mint money? Ask Jaitley to check how much money I have saved. I know how I have worked,” he added.

“There are no differences in our family. There won’t be any in future as well. If someone thinks we will fight with each other, it is just a dream,” Revanna said. (MR/KS).

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