I will retire from politics if Vishwanath proves he is clean, retorts Sa Ra Mahesh

Mysuru, July 20:- “I have not made any personal allegation against anyone in my political career spread over 30 years. On the other hand, Hunsur MLA AH Vishwanath has hurled personal abuses at me,” said Tourism Minister Sa Ra Mahesh.

He was speaking to reporters at his office here on Saturday.

AH Vishwanath

“Vishwanath says that I am the reason behind his quitting JD(S). I have spoken about it in the session. Several leaders, including District In-charge Minister GT Devegowda, had opposed Vishwanath joining JD(S). But still, I invited him to the party. Prajwal Revanna or Harish Gowda would have contested from Hunsur. I spoke to the party high command in favour of Vishwanath joining the JD(S). It is our party that gave him rebirth in politics. If he is indebted to the party, he should attend the floor test on Monday,” Mahesh added. “If I had said no, Vishwanath would not have been with the JD(S).”

Continuing his tirade against Hunsur MLA, Mahesh said, “Vishwanath says that he is not corrupt even if he is not honest.  When I met him some time back, Vishwanath told me about his financial burden incurred due to elections. We made him state president of the party. We don’t do caste politics. In business, I am a developer. I have contested four times from KR Nagar and won thrice. People once elected me against Vishwanath as well. He has faced nine elections so far. Where did he get the money from?” Mahesh questioned.

He challenged Vishwanath to attend the Assembly session and give his statement on the floor of the House on Monday.

“If Vishwanath proves that he didn’t take money to switch his loyalty, I will resign as MLA and retire from politics. We are already hurt. He should stop his drama. I have been honest in politics. But he has done enough corruption. If he is honest, why did he go to Mumbai in a special plane and stay there? He can’t file defamation case against me. There are many things that I can reveal against him. Don’t bring my name in your dirty politics,” he added.

In the Assembly session on Friday, Mahesh had alleged Vishwanath had received a huge amount of money to resign as MLA. “If he has the guts, let me come and swear in the House that he is clean.” In retaliation, Vishwanath denied he had ‘sold’ himself.

Following Vishwanath’s snub, Mahesh called for a conference today to express his views. (MR/KS)

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