Iconic ‘Made in Mysore’ Java motorcycle remembered

Hundreds of Ideal Java bike enthusiasts participate in the rally organised as part of 14th International Java Day.

Hundreds of Java bike enthusiasts took part in the 14th International Java Day in the city on Sunday. A bike rally organised on the occasion saw bikers from the city and surrounding areas taking out their pride vehicle and catching the attention of the onlookers. The event was organised by Java Friends Club.

The rally was flagged off by Raian Irani, son of the founder of the Ideal Jawa late Farrokh Irani at his house in Nazarbad and more than 250 vehicles participated.

Legendary Farrokh Irani who placed Mysore on the world map by establishing the Ideal Jawa Motorcycle Factory in city at a time when Mysore was still industrially a backward district.

Prashanth, one of the rallyists said that no two bikes sounded alike. The original Ideal Jawa, a 250cc machine and its later model, the Road King had a distinct sound. “We wanted to show how the ‘Made in Mysore’ bike still holds value and has a great demand even after the advent of many other models. This shows the superior manufacturing,” he said.

Sameer, an Ideal Java enthusiast, one of the main organisers, said that he has the habit of noting down the names and contacts of Java lovers. The vehicles have a huge fan following even though many other models have hit the market, he said. The main idea behind holding this rally was to make people aware of an iconic bike that was born in Mysore, he added.

Speaking on the occasion, Raian Irani recalled the good old days when Java ruled the roost. “I am happy that there is a dedicated fan club that brings back the memories. I appreciate their enthusiasm as they have been organising the event since years,” he said.

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