I’d like to think there is an afterlife: Chris Hemsworth

Actor Chris Hemsworth, who is part of “Ghostbusters”, believes in afterlife and reincarnations.”I think that most of us ask all sorts of questions about what else is out there. I’d like to think there was an afterlife or reincarnation or something to continue on. If it was ‘game over’ after this life, that would be upsetting,” Australia’s BW magazine quoted the “Thor” star as saying.The 32-year-old has just finished shooting the new “Ghostbusters” film, in which he stars as geeky Kevin Beckman, who, at one point, gets taken over by a ghost.

The female-lead film has Hemsworth showcase his natural Australian accent.“Doing an Australian accent was weird at first. It’s funny because your voice becomes like another prop. When it’s you speaking, and having not done it in a long time, you’re very much aware of it. It’s in your head more,” he added.”Ghostbusters”, directed by Paul Feig, is releasing in India on July 29.

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