If allegations are proved, I am ready to resign: G H Puttammanni

“Members of the Village Panchayat are making baseless allegations against me. If they prove the allegations, I am ready to resign,” said Village Panchayat president G H Puttammanni at a press meet, recently.

“For some time now, allegations are being made against me and PDOs by a few members. They also staged protest in front of the panchayat office. It is affecting the work of the panchayat. Several farmers have allegedly taken sand from the base of Kandahalli lake. They have prepared a NMR for Rs 10 lakh. Analysing the bill, officers said they can’t bill this NMR. For this reason, member of that region M Mahesh urged to the concerned authorities to consider the bill and protested against president and PDOs. Some have also misused the RTI Act for this,” she said.

“They are disturbing the work of the citizens for their personal reasons. These are baseless allegations. If it is proved, I am ready to resign. If not will they resign?” She asked.

Members of the Village Panchayat Anjali, Dundaiah, Mangalamma, Rajamani, Janarashetty were present.

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