II PU lecturers threaten to boycott evaluation

Demanding the implementation of recommendations of G Kumar Naik Committee, which was formed by the government in 2011 regarding the setting up of basic salary norm, before the start of the evaluation of II PU papers, members of Karnataka PU Lecturers’ Welfare Committee, Mysuru, convened a meeting on March 29 at the Maharaja PU College.
If the recommendations were not implemented, the lecturers and professors warned that they would boycott the evaluation.
Heading the meeting State President of Karnataka PU Lecturers’ Welfare Committee Kadnur Shive Gowda noted that despite the fight for basic salary norm being waged for the past 20 years, it has borne no results.

“Until 1996 there was wage parity between degree college lecturers and professors and PU college lecturers and professors. However, from 1998 onwards the salary of degree college lecturers and professors continued to increase, the same did not occur with regard to PU college lecturers,” he said.

To address this glaring wage disparity we have vehemently fought. Finally, owing to our struggle, a committee was formed under G Kumar Naik who was the principal secretary of the Department of Primary and Secondary Education. Though it has been five years since the committee submitted its report to the state government, it has not been implemented, he added.
Chief Minister though had assured to implement the recommendations of the report. However there was no mention of the implementation in the Budget-2016-17 which acted as a dampener. Thus, if the state government fails to implement the recommendations and thus ensure basic salary norm it will have to face the wrath of the members of Karnataka PU Lecturers’ Welfare Committee, he added.

“We shall boycott the evaluation of II PUC exam papers,” he said.

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