Ill-effects of invasion still persist: Thinker Chakravarthy Sulibele

Mysuru, January 30:- “The British, the Dutch, the Portuguese and many others looted India over centuries,” said thinker and orator Chakravarthy Sulibele.

He was delivering a speech at ‘Nanna Kanasina Karnataka’ lecture series held at Kalamandir in the city on Monday evening.

“We can see all the bad effects of these attacks. Sati system is one such example. Women used to follow this as they didn’t want to face the unruly men after the death of their husbands. The oppressors are the reason behind all these social evils. The dark face of the attack was displayed in Bolllywood flick ‘Padmaavat.’ I am not against Muslims. This generation Muslims aren’t Muslims, they have been forcefully converted. If we study their family background for 3-4 generations, we will get to know that they have been converted to Islam. Many great people have tried to reform India which was suffering after the attack. British have portrayed India as a poor country and made our confidence collapse. Though they have left India, the mindset they cultivated has not left us,” he added.

State convener of Yuva Brigade Chandrashekhar and Dr M A Balasubrahmanya of Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement were present. (MR/SH).

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