Illegal construction atop Chamundi Hills

Amidst raging controversy over the proposed road widening to the Chamundi Hills, here comes a shocker. A commercial complex is being built on the road that leads to the shrine violating all rules and regulations under the very sanctity of the iconic hills.

Two more floors are bla­tantly being constructed atop the ground floor where a hotel is functioning at present and despite being an eyesore, the authorities, are allowing it turning a blind eye to the appeals from public, noted litterateurs citizen groups and environment activists.

Bringing this to the notice of City Today, M Mahadevas­wamy, a Gram Panchayat member from Chamundi Hills, Mysuru Taluk said that the hotel, Chamundi Krupa, atop the hills had come up some time back in Survey Number 27 that belongs to the government.

“Survey Number 27 has been classified as Govern­ment Gomala and the hotel coming up in this area itself is an illegality. In all, it is a 5 acre 6 guntas of land and the government had handed over 1 acre 24 guntas to the Mu­zarai Department subject to certain conditions.

The land has been handed over so that the department could construct a Kalyana Mantap and other develop­ment structures,” he said. Pulling out records, Ma­hadevaswamy said that as per the documents provid­ed by the revenue officers, the land houses a Dasoha Bhavana building, public toilet, guest house, Gram Panchayat building, forest department building, a po­lice station, one hotel and a Big Bazaar.

“Strangely, the author­ities have sanctioned per­mission to private parties to build the hotel and Big Bazaar and there is no clar­ity on how a private party’s buildings can be construct­ed in a Government Goma­la land,” he revealed.

“On 23.03.2016, I had filed a complaint against these private constructions with the Tahsildar giving the officer a complete set of documents urging him to initiate action. Unfor­tunately, the construction has not stopped and there is no action from the Tahsil­dar,” he alleged.

Records show that the local Panchayat Develop­ment Officer (PDO) has allowed G Kalaiah, son of late Girigaiah to con­struct a hotel in the Gov­ernment Gomala adjoining the government road near the Dasoha Bhavana. The document, in Form 11 B, has been issued on 12-12­2014 and had asked him to pay a tax of Rs 12,795.

“Though the PDO has given the permission, the green signal from the Dep­uty Commissioner is re­quired here as Chamundi Hills is a heritage place. The DC’s permission has not been taken to con­struct the hotel and now, additional floors are being built illegally,” Mahadevas­wamy alleged.


Area MLA G T Deve­gowda had opposed the construction of the hotel and had questioned the move by the authorities to grant permission.


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