Illegal shed at Jayapura village

“Venkataramana alias Kanthi has acquired the footpath space which was left for the use of the villagers,” said Mangalagowri, a resident of
Jayapura village.

She was addressing a press meet here at the Mysuru Press Club on Sunday.”I am a resident of Jayapura village. I have heart problem and was off to Mysuru for treatment for a week. Taking advantage of this, Venkataramana built a make-shift shed. He had drilled the walls of my
residence to fix the sheet roof of the shed. Whenever it rains, the water enters my house. He even attacked me for questioning him,” she
“I gave a complaint in the Village Panchayat and they have ordered him to remove the shed but he has not obeyed the order. Whenever he sees me, he threatens me and says he would set my house on fire. I have filed a complaint at the police station, but without any help,” she
Indira Gandhi Block Congress vice president S Vijayalakshmi and Javarappa were present at the press meet.

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