Illusion of a chronic disease

What is ill-health? Leaving aside infectious diseases because they are different they are an external invasion that needs some kind of medicine ill-health is from ailments that we create within ourselves.

Over 70% of diseases in the world is self-created. There is a natural longing in every cell in the body to survive; the physical body has a natural longing to be healthy, to survive and to protect itself as far as possible. Yet, when this is so, why is it that our own body or certain parts or ingredients in our body turn and work against us? This is something that needs to be looked at rather than just trying to constantly fix things.

If we look at our body, we were not born the way we are right now. In your mothers womb you started as just two cells, then you came out as a baby and now you have become so big. How did all this happen? Whatever is the fundamental force that is creating this body the basis of creation, which you refer to as the Creator, is functioning within the body every moment of your life. The manufacturer of the body is within. If you have a repair job to be done, would you like to go to the manufacturer or the local mechanic? If you do not know the manufacturers address then you go to the local mechanic but if you know the manufacturer and have access to him, you will definitely go to the manufacturer.

For all the things that you create from within, running to the doctor is of no use. The medical profession can only help you manage chronic ailments, they can never rid you of them because it did not come from outside. If it came from outside, they would get it off you but when it comes from within when you are creating it, how can they rid you of the disease? Every day they will put more chemicals into you but every day you will doggedly create more disease within yourself. Unless you change that basic pattern, health will really not happen. So what I call Inner Engineeringmeans just this: building a pathway to the manufacturer so that health is not your business, it is his business.

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