I’m an introvert extrovert: Megan Boone

Actress Megan Boone is still trying to get in sync with social media. She says she doesn’t want the whole world to talk to about her personal business.When asked if she is big on social media, Boone said: “I’ve tried. I’m still trying”. “It’s just not inherent in who I am. I’m an introvert extrovert. I need people in my life and I need to relate to them, but just there’s a group of four or five of us. I don’t want a whole world stage to talk to about my personal business so that’s been a journey for me,” Boone added in a statement.

Boone has worked in movies like “My Bloody Valentine”, “Sex and the City 2” and “Step Up Revolution”, and her TV credit includes “Law & Order: Los Angeles” and “Blue Bloods”. She is also seen as FBI agent Elizabeth Keen in “The Blacklist”. The season three of “The Blacklist” is aired in India on Star World and Star World HD.She says she is just trying to figure out “what is this device of social media”.”How do I use it in a way that I’m comfortable with but in a way that still serves the fans? It’s a way of lifting a curtain that the fans are really desirous of seeing behind,” she added.But she has learnt to find a way out.

She says “I try and find a way to do that but then when I’m on set I’m so focussed on what I’m doing that getting a behind the scenes picture or anything isn’t something that comes to mind – and there’s such high confidentiality that comes along with the show.”For instance, I couldn’t post a selfie, so how do you engage if you can’t take a selfie? I don’t know exactly what to do for people on there but I still try. I try to post something every three days.”

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