IMF demands details of Pakistan’s financial assistance deal with China: Report

Prime News, International (Islamabad), November 20:- The International Monetary Fund has demanded Pakistan provide all details of China’s financial support to the cash-strapped country to avail a bailout package from it, according to media reports.

The International Monetary Fund mission is in Pakistan and holding talks with officials over arranging an unspecified amount to help in addressing the balance of payment issue.

As talks enter the final phase, the IMF set stricter conditions for Pakistan to implement in exchange for a bailout package much needed for economic revival.

Some of the major conditions include the imposition of more taxes worth Rs 150 billion, further reduction in the rupee value as well as a tighter monetary policy. It also sought from Pakistan all details of Chinese financial support for any bailout package to Pakistan.

Led by its mission chief Harald Finger, the IMF delegation is holding meetings with government officials to know their viewpoint on the reforms.

There was no indication that the two sides are close to an agreement, Dawn reported. (MR, Inputs: Agencies).

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