Impoverishment of agri sector, UP loan waiver triggered protests


The almost deliberate impoverishment of the agriculture sector by successive governments, which has translated into poor returns to farmers, and the recent loan waiver decision by Uttar Pradesh appear to have triggered massive protests in many states, including Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh.  Farmers are struggling hard to meet their input expenses due to a drop in prices of agriculture produce, which agricultural experts attribute to the rising cost of farming, the haphazard use of fertilisers, and failed government policies over the years. Agricultural expert Devinder Sharma said the government did not want more income to farmers since it was not in tune with its economic reform policies. “Over the years, the government has deliberately impoverished the agriculture sector. Our economic policymakers are pushing people in agriculture to cities to get cheaper labour for industrial infrastructure and to keep food prices low so inflation does not increase,” Sharma contended. “Indian agriculture is not in tune with the economic reforms. More agricultural income means economic revival of farmers. That is what the government does not want. They want people to move out of agriculture.” (MR, Inputs: Agencies).


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